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Edward Giles Having qualified as a therapist in 2003 and then set up and run his own therapy and anger management practices, Edward quickly found that many skills and approaches applied to the coaching model. Drawing on his training, including NLP and CBT, and his continual professional development, experience and fascination around the psychology of human behaviour, of how we interact with others, our own conditioning and internal dialogue, the blocks in our developmental progression both personal and professional and of how we can make changes to what we do or think; Edward will work with you, taking all this into account, to help you meet your specific goals, enabling you to make it happen.   Edward brings his passion and commitment for personal growth and development to his work. He will respectfully challenge you and your blocks, enabling you to work through the limiting or preventing factors present to achieve your goals.   His make it happen approach is open, warm, accepting and non-judgemental, though constructively challenging, focused and appropriately directive.   Combining Edward’s knowledge of human behaviour and the psychology that underpins this and your knowledge of self, you will form an effective working relationship to make it happen.   Edward’s aim is to enable you to achieve your objective in an efficient and effective manner, consolidating the outcomes gained during coaching in a way that they become absorbed and importantly, retained, to enhance your short term and long term future.     Respectfully challenged, stimulated, supported and rewarded. This is Edward’s aim as to how you will feel working with him.
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Coaching involves a close working relationship which offers commitment, respect, honesty, empathy and challenge.   Edward will bring the individual into the context of what is presented, and to inspire that person to make it happen.   Edward makes sessions come alive with energy, offering alternative approaches, fresh ideas, new concepts and frameworks, as well as remembering and using that which you know works, and combining this into a package that fits the individual.   During Edward’s time working as a coach, anger management specialist and therapist, he has encountered a diverse spectrum of clients. This diversity, alongside continual professional development continues to enhance Edwards practical, working, hands on understanding of the psychology that underpins our behaviour and interactions with others and oneself, how we function and what limits our effective functioning. It is this experience and understanding that enables Edward to work effectively, using his skills and knowledge to enable clients to understand what is needed, and importantly not needed, what to change or cut out or what to hold on to and develop, in order to best achieve the desired outcome.  
Edward’s key ingredient to successful coaching is that he understands the complicated dynamics of the psychology that is human behaviour, and uses that to the full. Edward has a clear understanding of the essential role of boundaries and a very clear, structured and professional approach. It is this that optimizes Edward’s effectiveness and produces consistent positive outcomes.   Edward is qualified, experienced and a full member of the Association for Coaching, abides by their ethics and framework and is registered under the Information Commissioner’s Office for data protection,  Registration Number: Z2223503.
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