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About Chiron Life Coaching Edward uses his collaborative, solution-focused, needs based, systematic process to produce a dynamic and effective working relationship to achieve best outcomes for you. Key elements of this approach include ... Identifying objectives, encompassing short and long term goals and aspirations. Understanding the individuals current situation. Identifying and understanding the individuals key strengths and skill sets. Identifying and understanding the challenges and areas for growth.  Understanding the contributing factors that have led to the current situation. Incorporating relevant organisational requirements and where appropriate, considering relevant confidentiality  boundaries and with full consent, involving other select individuals.   Supporting the individual and/or the organisation to think  creatively and develop effective thinking to produce realistic and effective strategies.    Focusing on execution of intentions, retaining emphasis on successful outcomes and meaningful, lasting change.    In coaching, Edward works with a strong emphasis on targets and desired outcomes, as well as with issues that are preventing the individual from achieving a specific target, goal or outcome. There are few individuals who do not have some form of limiting patterns of thinking or behaviour. These restrictive approaches limit the release of full potential to the individual, the team or the organisation. They typically include some of the following. Assertiveness issues - Low confidence or self esteem - Fear of failure -  Bereavement - Depression - Anxiety - Divorce - Perfectionist approaches - Addictive tendencies - Communication skills - Maladaptive thinking - Procrastination leading to inaction - Anger management - Conflict resolution - Poor decision making skills - Dependant behaviours - Self sabotage -  Mediation skills - Stress - The ability to accept and embrace change.   Edward will take into account the whole individual as well as the sum of its parts and current circumstances and together, work to remove these limits and achieving the desired outcome. Edward is highly adaptive to the specific needs and requirements at either an individual or organisational level, looking for a win- win outcome at all times. Often, we know what we want to achieve, yet have  conscious or subconscious blocks that hold us back. Life and performance coaching explores and challenges the motivations or blocks that impose limits to achieving our ambitions and goals in life. Life and performance coaching can really help you to stop/reduce smoking, stop/reduce drinking, stop/reduce drug use/abuse, lose weight, decide if divorce is right,  become fitter and enjoy life more fully by getting more out of life and yourself.   Life and performance coaching is a way to unlock your full potential, to enable you to be and do what it is you want to be and do. Edward will work with you, using your unique skill set, to achieve just that. Edward will inspire, motivate, challenge and ultimately, enable you to realise your true potential. Life and Performance coaching is about making a positive choice to address the very core of potentially unaddressed, limiting patterns of approach and crucial blocks to your behaviour and thought processes.
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Life and Performance coaching will cover areas that may be within as well as outside of your conscious awareness, opening up your potential to take the steps needed to achieve your present and future ambitions and goals.  Life and performance coaching really helps prevent or recover from burnout with a structured and focused approach. Life and Performance coaching typically cover the following, though can cover most areas that cause blocks and limits to doing or being, what and who, you want to do or be.  Dealing with adversity: To learn or re-learn skills at either a personal or professional level, to enable you to meet challenges or recover from personal,  career or business setbacks and to grow from the experience. Learn or re-learn behaviour: This involves replacing negative habits with learning or re-learning skills that would better suit your purpose in enabling you to achieve your goals. Performance Coaching: Professionally or socially, developing being seen as a manager or  being seen as a leader, as someone who offers guidance, inspiration, approachability, clear communication and confidence.   Long-range life or career planning: To develop a realistic and achievable plan. This brings greater success than working without one.   Life defining events: Find ways to approach or overcome life defining events, giving you the best outcome.